Coleen's teachings are now available in her first published book.

 "Choices for Joy"

gives you tools for unplugging from the things that distract or burden you. It teaches you to tap into your true gifts and passions. The tools themselves are enjoyable - no waiting required. Leave stress, fear and exhaustion behind while tapping into what gives you joy and vitality.



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Eclipse Season
Feeling out of sync, tired, anxious – like something big and maybe unsettling is in the air?

With the eclipses, the next 6 months bring us individual shifts that are undeniable.

Join C. Rhalena Renee, CSH (Lena) in this online class:

A Day in the Arms of Sacred Community:

Navigating the Eclipse Energies

Monday, August 21st    

Saturday, August 26th

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Who's Coming?