I gather wisdom from nature and from between the realms. As a singing oracle, I use SpiritSong as a tool to tap into wisdom from the ancestors, angels, elementals, and our own wise souls.Incredible beauty and love waits for us to come and play, it invites us to step away from old patterns, and discover that we do not need to work “hard” and do big things in the world to make any real difference. It is small, consistent actions that create true change.

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I offer private sessions at a sliding scale rate of $90 - 130.
For series pricing, email me at Coleen@ColeenRenee.com

Classes, Circles & workshops are another cost effective way of working with Coleen.

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  • Singing Oracle
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Circle work​
  • ​Psychic/Intuitive Consultations

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My work is gathering and teaching wisdom for our times as we re-create our world to be more peaceful and sustainable. Love is at the center of this wisdom and must be at the core of what we offer the world.

 ​One of the ways I share my work is through story and writing. Woven into my teaching novel series, you’ll find The theme of beloved relationship with nature, all peoples, and across the realms of the Fey, gnomes, elves, and selkiesThe series follows the lives and quests of a sacred circle with Earth centered practices. The characters deal with past lives, finding and developing their gifts, trusting love, balancing their work, magic, and traveling between the worlds and across time.

(I write under the name, C Rhalena Renee)

I invite you to join me in co-creating beauty and light!


Spend this year connecting to your joy and finding what inspires you.

Take charge of creating positive outcomes for yourself and the world.

Keep hope alive.

Ignite your passions.

Walk into soulcentered living.

One small step at a time

I am Coleen Rhalena Renee, Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Singing Oracle, and Storyteller

with nearly 3 decades of experience working with clients in a variety of ways and settings.

I offer simple tools and teachings to help you not only cope with all the changes, but to embrace what they bring you and to see the gifts and challenges as an invitation to create a more joyful life.