Hi, I'm Coleen. Welcome to my site.

I've had the deep joy of coming through big life challenges in order to hone my gifts as a psychic, intuitive, empath and sensitive. I've learned to not only understand these gifts, but to embrace them, so I can offer them to the world.

I delight in:

  • Helping people connect with and understand their unique gifts
  • Guiding clients as they navigate life challenges and face crossroads
  • Serving as an intermediary to access Angel, Ancestor & Spirit Guide wisdom
  • Using the power of story and song to heal and transform

I am here to help you understand the wonder of who you are and joyfully call you to your unique path and purpose. I'll help you step out of woundedness, fear and anxiety. If you're here, you're needed. Let's find out how and why..


  • Psychic/Intuitive Consultations
  • Workshops & Classes
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Circle work
  • Weddings & Rites of Passage
  • Home/Land Clearing & Blessings


I offer private sessions at a sliding scale rate of $80 - 120.
For series pricing, email me at Coleen@ColeenRenee.com

Classes, Call Circles & workshops are another cost effective way of working with Coleen. Or, Explore Coleen's teachings through her books (see below).

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To schedule a private session with Coleen,

call/text 509-312-0220

email Coleen@ColeenRenee.com

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