This is a great online event that includes movement, music, and community building. Last year, I was hesitant about attending online after going to this conference for over 20 years in person. I was delighted to find that same sense of connection and joy, and didn't feel overtaxed by being online. WOW has 30 years of experience in creating this vibrant conference. They incorporated breaks, movement, and opportunities outside of workshops to connect - even online. I'm excited to present a workshop this year and look forward to gathering again with WOW! Please join me. ~ Coleen


Upcoming Events:

Weekly MeetUp 

Women of Wisdom Conference

Women of Wisdom Conference

Join for a midweek “sound break” as Coleen offers healing, peace, and joy through wordless song. Each week we start with a SpiritSong (under 15 minutes); followed by a simple chant to help you through your week; then, as time allows, Coleen offers personal SpiritSongs to participants for healing, clarity, grounding, perspective, . . . Set your intention and she will sing you.

Come for the hour - or for a quick pick me up, join us for the SpiritSong at the beginning. Go
here and scroll down for my event (look for the pink logo).

Join Coleen Renee/C.Rhalena Renee at the 30th Annual Women of Wisdom Conference online.  She introduces the "Beloveds" in her 2nd novel, The Song of the Beloveds. Come learn about beloveds in real life at her workshop:

Calling the Beloveds: We all experience vital nurturing in a loving relationship. What if we entered a reciprocal loving relationship with nature? Coleen will share her experience of hearing the Tehachapi Mountains mournfully cry, “Where are the Beloveds?” Their question broke open her heart, sending her on a path of discovering the many levels of what it means to be a beloved and how we each have a part in transforming our world. We can ignore it, or answer the call. Explore how you can dance with the beloveds through igniting your Soul’s impulses. Learn 5 simple, yet profound, ways to move into beloved relationship. Step into sacred exchange with Mama Gaia and feel the joy of our ability to make great change with small actions. Learn to use your power to be a beloved and help transform your life and the planet. 

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