Sacred Exchange

Part of my work as a Healer and Teacher is to call forth the innate value and gifts in every person. Sacred exchange is expected when attending any of my events, classes or private sessions. The practice of sacred exchange is simple: if you come to receive, you bring something as a gift. If an event has a fee, that is a gift you bring to the presenter. If an event is by donation, please bring an offering. Your offering can be a money donation. However, that is not necessary. Sacred exchange practice invites you to consider the relative value to you of the event and to bring something that honors that value. This is very personal. A beautiful leaf or a shell from your beach collection may have great value to you.  Tea; a snack to share; a roll of toilet paper; coming early to help set up or greet; staying to help clean up, ... These are a few examples of sacred exchange offerings. No one will be turned away at donation events. It's not about that. It's simply about recognizing that no matter your circumstances, you have something of value to offer. This opens you to truly receiving the gifts offered at the event. 

 Check In, Check Up, or Check It Out

Wednesdays 4 - 5:30 PM thru Sept 4th

Just $20 for 15 minutes

15 minute appointments giving you the opportunity for a quick

Check In with your Angels, Ancestors or Guides, or a

Check Up with Coleen around your energy, life path or business.

It's also an excellent time to Check It Out. Explore Coleen's services to see how you might benefit from her wisdom and experience.

Walk-ins are welcome. Appointments are strongly encouraged.

Only 4 appointments available each week.

Call today! 509-312-0220.

​1201 North B Street, Ellensburg


Thursday Healing Circles

Explore ways to heal yourself and the planet.

Each week we work with a different modality or path to healing. 

Donations go the the Community Labyrinth Project..

5:45 - 6:45​

1st Thursday of the month: Sound Healing from the SpiritSong and Music That Makes Community traditions.. We'll do toning, sound bathing and community songs of healing, comfort and joy.

2nd Thursday of the month: Energywork from cross-cultural traditions including Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Breathwork & Visualization and more.

3rd Thursday of the month: Dreamwork from indigenous traditions, we explore meaning, communication and guidance that comes through our dreams as well as techniques to help us dream and remember our dreams.

4th Thursday of the month: Healing thru Story is an ancient practice, which simple honors the power of acknowledging, sharing and witnessing our stories. Through the stories we carry and the ones we tell, we find the path to healing, to purpose, to answers for our questions.

5th Thursday of the month: Take a Break and Rest - or Play. We won't meet on 5th Thursdays so you can rest and play- 2 vital paths to healing.

Opportunities for deeper learning and exploration are available.

Specific circles will begin in September at 7 PM. chat with Coleen to express your interest. 509-312-0220 or

1201 North B Street, Ellensburg.

Join us

​​Thursday, August 4th

Open House Schedule 4 - 7 PM

Hourly Drawings

Mini Presentations of Coleen's Work

4:15 PMAngel & Ancestor Readings

4:40 PM Sound Healing / SpiritSong

5:05 PM Energywork

5:30 PM Story as Healing

5:55 PM Path Clearing/Body Wisdom

6:20 PM Dreamwork

1201 North B Street, Ellensburg