Have you noticed?

You're surrounded by signs that:

  • Help you find path and purpose
  • Guide you to ease and joy
  • Lead you to personal satisfaction

You do not need to feel lost, alone or directionless. You can learn to see and read the signs of your life. After all, you created most of them.

Experienced guide and teacher, C. Rhalena Renee offers:

5 Key Ways

to see and understand the signs surrounding you. 

Each week explore a new skill thru video and pdf' checklists.

In addition, Lena will host a weekly call to answer questions, share story and fine tune your new skills. Calls on Thursday - choose 10 AM; 3 PM; or 6 PM call time - all PST. (Times may adjust depending on participant schedules.)

You can also join the Facebook Group for touching base with Lena and other participants throughout the 5 weeks.

First Run Class Special - Lena's introducing this work at a special rate:

$33  for 4 weeks (video, pdf, calls & FB Group)

Starts the week of October 22nd – first circle call on Thurs, the 26th.

(This first run class is less than half the price.)

A 2nd class starts first week in January – class fee:

$99 for 4 weeks.

Contact Lena today to register 
for this life changing class.


Discover the secrets of the life you designed, before you were born.

  1. See the patterns playing out in your life.
  2. Identify the Allies waiting to assist you.
  3. ​Learn to key into the body wisdom guiding you along your path
  4. Recognize the signs you are currently posting.
  5. Locate the "GPS" for your life path and purpose.

Still the noise around you, quiet the demands of the world and free yourself of expectations from others that don't serve you. Find your true life. Lena will be happy to act as guide and teacher.

Contact Lena today to register

for this life changing class.


Lena wants to personally connect with each participant; ask a few questions and determine your call time availability. Calls are limited to 12 participants only. The first run class is only available to 36 participants total. Don't wait. Contact Lena immediately and save your space.

First Run begins October 22nd

Series starts again January 1st

Welcome! Scroll down for details on these two events.


Can You Read the Signs of Your Life?

Join Lena's 5-week online class with weekly calls.

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Get a Reading or a Life Coaching Session

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50 min + coffee/tea - $55

Here's how it works:

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