Chrysalis Program

1 - Year Healer's Training  

(place and specific meeting time decided by group)

The Chrysalis Program is specifically designed for those with a call to healing work in the world. Self-awareness is vital in being able to truly access and understand your unique gifts and talents. It helps you discern what is yours and what is not; it teaches you tools for sustainability, calling on allies, and trusting in yourself and your gifts. Developing Your Gifts, includes specific training in techniques and modalities.

This is a one year course. Students who wish to commit to the work and deepen their skills may apply for an apprenticeship with Coleen, which can result in certification and/or ordination. 

Classes meet 3-4 times/month for 2 hours each. Homework and personal integration time are a vital part of the program and can take up to 30 additional hours each month, depending on student's life and experience. Classes are small with no more than 8 students. Each class focuses on aspects of both tracks with self awareness exploration and learning hands on tools and techniques. The program includes practical experiences to use your gifts in real life settings. 

WHO takes this class? This one year course is open to all respectful people. Coleen's students have used their developed gifts as parents, healers, teachers, bodyworkers, environmentalists, education innovators, writers, psychics, sales and marketing professionals, therapists, life coaches and landscapers. They each have a strong call to offer healing and service to the world. 

Coleen incorporates practical applications of tools and techniques for today's world -- whether you choose to offer them in private healing sessions, with family and home, in medical settings, creative work or in corporate offices. This work helps you to discover who you truly are at your core. It gives you tools for bringing wholeness to your life and for offering service to the world.

This year long intensive (with many opportunities for practical application) is offered for $2300. 
Payment plan of $300 upfront and 10 monthly payments of $210 is available.

(For those who want a more general exploration, a 6-month program may be available, if there is enough interest. This shorter program is offered at $1400. Payment plan of $400 up front and 5 monthly payments of $210 is available.)

For more information and a phone interview, send email to with subject line: Seeking Teacher. Please include a bit about your story and why this work calls to you.

Coleen R Renee, CSH has over 2 decades of experience as a Healer and Teacher. She has worked in clinical, spiritual and corporate settings as well as in private practice. She's traveled internationally and published healing books and music, Find out more about Coleen here or at



Grounding, Centering and Meditation
Connecting with Nature
Connecting with Ancestors
Working with Allies and Elementals
Personal Manifestation
Boundaries, Ethic and Protocols
Deep Listening
Discerning/Carrying Your Story
Personal Discernment
Defining the Field


Sound Healing -- SpiritSong, Drumming, Rattling, Chanting
Intuitive Healing and Communication
Circle Leadership, Circle Healing and Circlework
Energy work - Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Tactile cueing, clearing/cleansing and more
BodyListening -- a blend of modalities created by C. Rhalena Renee, CSH
Story Therapy
Rites of Passage
Working with Elementals for personal and global healing