Change is in the air!

It can be sweet and beautiful, like the recent royal wedding. It can also be disorienting and difficult to navigate. The Angels are available to offer healing, guidance and comfort.

At the Angel's request, Coleen has been offering readings for clients for over 15 years. If you're seeking the angel's guidance or want insight about your life path, call today. 

June Special: 45 minutes for $50

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Free Offerings and Season Specials 

Sometimes when we need the help most, we simply don't have the funds. I understand.

I now offer 4 sessions each month at a greatly reduced cost on a first come, first served basis. $25 for 30 minutes*.

Call today -  509-312-0220

​*Only one appointment per month/per person.

*  Seasonal Specials for You  *

Want Ongoing Insight, Tips & Tools?

I offer you regular teachings, experiences and tools in several places. Check these out!

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