Thank you for joining me in creating a world of more

joy, justice, light, and heart. On this page, you can find out more

about the services I provide to clients.

​I delight in:

  1. Helping people connect with and understand their unique gifts.
  2. Guiding clients as they navigate life challenges and face crossroads.
  3. Providing access to Angel, Ancestor, & Spirit Guide wisdom.
  4. Using the power of story and song to heal and transform.
  5. Helping us all live more soulcentered live.

I am here to help you understand the wonder of who you are and joyfully call you to your unique path and purpose. I'll help you step out of woundedness, fear and anxiety - and into wholeness, joy and ease.


My credentials include:
Certified Spiritual Healer
Energyworker / Reiki II Practitioner
Sound Healer / Certified SpiritSong Teacher
Ordained Minister
Channel for Angels, Ancestors & Elementals

Contact me to talk about your particular needs.


Are you struggling at a crossroad; navigating challenging life issues; seeking guidance from angels, ancestors and guides; or need help understanding your unique gifts?
I'm here to help you find your inner truth and give you tools for charting your course. Work with me via phone or Zoom. Call/text to make an appointment.
509 - 312 - 0220

​​​​​​​​Spiritual Healing / Life Coaching

Every aspect of our life is touched by the spiritual - and must be considered. Learn to connect with your spiritual nature, whatever that might look like. This work is not about religion, so much as about how you feed your spirit. My experience with cross-cultural spiritual traditions honors what works for you. Tools for finding and connecting with your unique spiritual expression can be yours.

​The work offered during private sessions depends on the needs of the client.

I also work with couples and small organizations. Fees are sliding scale $90-130/hour.

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Healing through Song & Story 

Song and story are at the top of the list for bringing me joy; they are also incredibly effective healing tools. I begin each session and class with song. The Angels suggested this over a decade ago. It grounds the work and gives me access to information needed for what's ahead. I get to sing the client, which is a profound way to connect and to offer healing. Then, whether through the body or simply listening to the client's words, story emerges. Through the stories we carry and the ones we tell, we find the path to healing, to purpose, to answers for our questions.

​Visit the Events and the Specials page for abundant opportunities.

Workshops & Classes

I teach classes in a variety of forms, covering a range of topics. We each learn in our own ways, so I offer teachings through different learning styles and in a playful, yet focused manner. Story, song and movement play key parts.

I offer phone circles to explore topics in a setting of sacred witnesses.

I offer my teachings in books.Order Yours Now

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Individual apprenticeships are available to those wanting to develop their psychic/intuitive skills in order to offer them in a professional capacity. Programs include skill development, practicals, ethics & boundaries and marketing tools. Training fees are individual and depend on frequency of meeting and depth of training. Contact Coleen for an interview.


The power of the circle has been used since ancient times. It's structure offers both equality and equanimity. Before COVID, I co-hosted a Healing Daré and a weekly Healing Circle. I've offered online opportunities to explore circlework; and offered many classes/events in a circlework format. See my events page for opportunities. If you have a specific desire around circlework, contact me by email ( or call/text 509-312-0220.

​​weddings & rites of passage

Important moments in our lives must be witnessed and celebrated! This helps us both to own our significance and to share our lives within the context of community. Whether traditional rites of passage such as weddings, naming ceremonies, commitment ceremonies or special rites of passage for those at significant crossroads, which need to be marked and celebrated, I delight in helping you celebrate your life by providing meaningful events. Fees vary.
Contact me for specifics.

Powerful energies can attach themselves to places and things. These energies range from strong emotions left behind; Ancestors of place; guardians; people who have not passed over; residual energy signatures from past activities; and more. You may find these energies don't always resonate with you. I can help define these energies and assist you in attuning to them or help to release them. This work must be done in person. Fees depend on travel time and what is required to resolve the situation.